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VFL Fiber Optic Visual Fault Locator Fiber Fault Finder 10wm

● Products Description: This kind of Visual Fault Locator enables the user to effortlessly isolate high losses and faults in optical fiber cables.

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  • Product Details

● Products Description:
This kind of Visual Fault Locator enables the user to effortlessly isolate high losses and faults in optical fiber cables. To continue, this visible and handheld laser source gives off a bright beam of red light into a fiber for you to see breaks as glowing or blinking red light. Moreover, this top of the line product has 2 versions available. One comes with an adapter that can be used with 1.25mm ferrule connectors and the other comes with a universal port for 2.5mm ferrule connectors.

● Products Highlights:image001(001).jpg
► 2.5 mm universal adapter;
► Support dc and modulation mode;
► Constant power output with low voltage alarm function;
► Long battery life (1 mw > 60 hours);
► Laser head drop resistance design;
► Plus or minus 15 kv ESD protection grade;
► Eight hours +50℃ high temperature test;
► CE Certification;
► 650nm visible;
► Can be used for ST / SC / FC connectors ,universal optical interface, single/multi-mode fiber for High stability, long-life work;
► Drop-resistant and dust-proof design of laser head.


● Application:
► Maintenance in telecom, CATV;
► Test Lab of optical fibers;
► Fiber routing and continuity checking in optical networks;
► Other fiber optic measurements.

● Technical Indicator:


A pen Type Red Light

Central Wavelength

650nm ± 10nm

Type of Lamp-house


Output Power

1mW, 10mW, 20mW Select

Modulation system (Hz)

CW, 2

Fiber Type


Power Supply Mode

2 Section 1.5 VAA batteries

Battery Work Time(H)

60(1mw / 650nm)

Operating Temperature ()

-10 ~ +75

Boundary Dimension(mm)

25mm x 206mm

● Description:
1. Full-size half-wave dipole antenna level , the classic high efficiency antenna;
2. Fully waterproof Carbon Wei Balun;
3. Common quad-band (7/14/21/28-29MHz) mark , with the bobbin easily adjust the switching frequency;
4. Special canvas pouch , the volume is very small.

● Specifications:








100W PEP







Package Size


Gross Weight


● Casing colors corresponding to the frequency bands as follow:
► 7MHZ - Green (GREEN), written as an abbreviation in the bobbin (GN = 7MHz);
► 14MHz - Yellow (YELLOW), abbreviated as the bobbin (YE = 14MHz);
► 21MHz - blue (BLUE), abbreviated as the bobbin (BU = 21MHz);
► 28-29MHz - Red (RED), the bobbin is abbreviated as (RD = 28-29MHz).

● Our service:
Order inquiry: Keep working time from 9AM to 23PM to the first reply to clients, and 24 hours no Cellphone power off;image003(001).jpg Order production: Keep very close touch with production department to guarantee the right delivery time to clients;   
Before shipment: Our sales would double check the order quantity,package and strength of cartons to avoid lost and damage;
After shipment: Keep tracking shipping status and reporting to clients;
Any query,please leave me an inquiry or contact me directly/.

Welcome to buy the vfl fiber optic visual fault locator fiber fault finder 10wm with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also welcome the customized orders. Consult the price and the quotation with us now.

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