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800pcs PDLC To LC Duplex Armored Patchcord Cable Was Delivery To Customer Aug 05, 2017

We had send Outdoor Armored patch cable total 800 pcs to our customer .

It had two types of patch cord

First type is PDLC to lc duplex type 

PDLC to lc outdoor patch cord

Another is LC to LC duplex singmode armored type

lc lc outdoor patch cord 7.0mm cable

Plz check detail of our products . We use the highly closed protect armored tube .  

And choose our special type of breakout cable tie. We do very well in the detail that make sure our product can be used in outside in harsh environment, Choose our products ,the quality is be assurance .


Our products quality was highly valued by customer . 

Our delivery time is only one week. We can meet urgent request .

FOCC PDLC patch cord had export to over the world .  Welcome you ask for quotation.