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The method of distinguishing the wires and bad Apr 18, 2017

First: Look at the labels, generally, normal enterprises production lines are: 3C certification signs, certification number, model specifications, implementation standards, rated voltage, wire length, production date, producers, inspectors, factory name, site, fixed telephone, security marking is indispensable.

Second: Look at the surface of the wires, generally, good quality of the wires, the surface is relatively smooth, the color is also more brightly and evenly.

Third: Take the wires to bend, if it is inferior wires, look thicker, bending flexibility and no good quality wires so good.

Fourth: Try to open the insulation skin, generally speaking, high-quality wire insulation materials have a certain mechanical strength and flexibility, easily tear not open. The inferior wires can be torn off or pinched by hand.

Fifth: Take a small piece of wire to burn, the good quality of the wires with flame retardant, generally not burning, but the poor wire is easy to burn.