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Introduction of power cable protection layer Apr 18, 2017

The function of the protective layer of power cables is to protect the insulation in laying, in the course of operation, from mechanical damage and various environmental factors such as water, sunlight, fire and so on, to ensure the long-term stability of the electrical cables, so as the three major components of the cable directly affect the service life of the cable.

The structure and material of the retaining layer, according to different cable use occasions, different voltage grades, different insulation materials, and can only be described in the common structure and materials.

The retaining layer comprises the sheath and the exterior retaining layer, which is easy to distinguish between the two parts of the oil-immersed paper cable, but the extrusion cable cannot distinguish clearly. In particular, the non-armored extrusion cable, in the metal shielding layer is difficult to distinguish which is the jacket which is the external protection layer.