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Fiber optic Attenuators May 24, 2017

There are Fiber optic Fixed attenuators and variable attenuators. both fixed and variable attenuators of a wide range of connector options, such as LC, SC, ST, FC, and so on. The fixed attenuators can be with different attenuation levels from 1 dB to 30 dB, while the variable optical attenuators which are generally used as in-line attenuators are with a range of 0 ~ 60 dB attenuation level.


Fixed Attenuators—They are designed to have an unchanging level of attenuation. They can theoretically be designed to provide any amount of attenuation that is desired. The output signal is attenuated relative to the input signal. Fixed attenuators are typically used for single-mode applications.

Stepwise variable attenuators—It is a device that changes the attenuation of the signal in known steps such as 0.1dB, 0.5dB, or 1dB. The stepwise attenuator may be used in applications dealing with multiple optical power sources. For instance, if there are three inputs available, there may be a need to attenuate the signal at a different level for each of the inputs. Conversely, the stepwise attenuators may also be used in situations where the input signal is steady, yet the output requirements change depending on the device that the signal is output to. The stepwise attenuator should be used in applications where the inputs, outputs, and operational configurations are known.

Continuously variable attenuators—It is an attenuator that can be changed on demand. These attenuators generally have a device in place that allows the attenuation of the signal to change as required. A continuously variable attenuator is used in uncontrolled environments where the input characteristics and output needs continually change. This allows the operator to adjust the attenuator to accommodate the changes required quickly and precisely without any interruption to the circuit.

Working Principles of Optical Attenuators

Optical attenuators use several different principles to accomplish the desired power reduction. Attenuators can use the gap-loss principle, absorptive principle, or reflective principle to achieve the desired signal loss.

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